• House for sale in cuernavaca, Quinta

    House For Sale In Cuernavaca México

    $1,135,070 USD

    Looking to live in paradise? Get your second home with amazing landscapes, big house up to 20 people, fronton, jacuzzi, pool, beautiful garden with flowers and trees, amazing town with lots of Mexican Culture

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House For Sale In Cuernavaca

Cuernavaca Luxury Real Estate

Cuernavaca, the “land of eternal spring”. It is the region of choice for wealthy people who want a weekend getaway and also be close to the busy capital, Mexico City. It is warm all year round and has low humidity. Furthermore, it is always full of greenery and the gardens are lush and beautiful.

Countless North Americans want to spend time in the beautiful city of Cuernavaca, Mexico. And many even choose to retire there, with much motivation:

  1. Cuernavaca is one of the top vacation destinations.
  2. Morelos, Mexico is just a short trip from anywhere in the United States, either by plane or car.
  3. Simply by owning real estate in Mexico, you may qualify for a temporary resident visa.
  4. When you are not enjoying your property, you can rent it out and earn a substantial income.
  5. Due to the value of the dollar, many North Americans choose to retire in Mexico.

$1,135,070 USD

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Home For Sale In Cuernavaca

Is It Worth Buying Property In Cuernavaca, Mexico?

Quinta Juan Ramon, is a beautiful weekend rental house for 20 people nearby from Cuernavaca with a total of 4600 m 2, wall of 5 meters high around the entire property, gate, parking for 10 cars, pool, jacuzzi, 3 cabins, 8 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms and 1 suite.


capacity for 20 people


Yautepec, Morelos.12 km from Hurricane Harbor, 14 km from Tepoztlán, 26 km from Las Estacas and 24 km from Cuautla Centro.


Pool, jacuzzi, garden,fronton court and wall around the house.


10 cars

Where is located?

Quinta Juan Ramón, Barrio de Ixtlahuacan, Yautepec de Zaragoza, Morelos, México.

Close To
  • Tepoztlán!14 km
  • Las Estacas26 km
  • Cuautla Centro24 km
Join the gorgeous mexican culture!

Real State In Cuernavaca

Currently Quinta Juan Ramon is a very profitable rental business.
Don't miss the opportunity and add an extra income channel to your pocket when you are not in Mexico.


  1. Enjoy continuous cash flow and profitability
  2. Having a rental property is the best income insurance for the future.
  3. Rent on Airbnb

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Quinta Juan Ramon

Get to know the house!

Get to know all the amenities of Quinta Juan Ramón:

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Jacuzzi
  3. Parking
  4. 5 bedrooms and one suite
  5. 8 bathrooms
  6. Fire pit
  7. Air conditioning in bedrooms
  8. Garden

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Is Cuernavaca A Good Place To Live?

Affordability, Quinta


By acquiring property here, you will pay less per square meter of land than in the U.S.

outdoor living, Quinta

Nature and outdoor living

Living around the countryside gives you easy access to breathtaking natural landscapes. The sound of crickets chirping at night and the dawn chorus of birdsong in the mornings is a sure sign that you are staying in an oasis.

Relaxed, laid-back country lifestyle, Quinta

Relaxed, laid-back country lifestyle

Country life in Mexico is conducted at a more leisurely pace and rhythm than urban life. These small provincial towns are often the environment of choice for retirees who do not have the pressures and responsibilities of professional life and young families to raise.

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